About Us

      Tom and Susan Macke, owners of The DIP: Ice Cream and More, bring very different backgrounds to this business venture founded in 2008. After 30 years Tom, as a small business owner, and Susan, as an educator, decided to start an ice cream business. Their goal was to create a unique ice cream experience that would be enjoyable for individuals, families and even for dogs. The lot on the corner of Gelhot Road and Pleasant Avenue, with its hillside vista of the surrounding residential and commercial areas, provided the perfect site for their new venture. With the theme of an East coast cottage, Sally Noble, architect and Susan's niece, designed a summer ice cream shop with grey shingles and a spacious gazebo with a whimsical, blue/grey shingled roof. Tom was the General Contractor for the projector and Susan made decorating decisions as well as painting and laying tile. Even the first employee team helped to lay sod right before we opened.

Meet the Dispters

      In blue and white uniforms and caps, the youthful employees, whom we call DipstersĀ, warmly greet customers and help them make decisions from the myriad choices of sweet treats and sandwiches. They are solely responsible for making all the sweet treats and sandwiches that customers order. They are speedy and skilled! And they are expert cleaners, as The DIP food prep areas must be kept immaculate. Almost all of the Dipsters are college bound, attending such schools as Loyola University, Miami University, Northern Kentucky University, University of Cincinnati, Ohio University and Ohio Weslyan. Most college Dipsters attending local schools, work the entire season and some work at The DIP when they are home for spring vacation. They work hard but also have a good time when business is slow as seen below.